My programming Guideline

Here are some points I keep in my mind
 for writing a good code.

  1. Don't write the same code twice
    I think this is the first thing that Object Oriented Programming is for. To make a big thing of it, each one lines should be unique from the others. And that makes Object Oriented Language extremely productive.

  2. Don't use IF statement
    In old days it's said that "Don't use GOTO statement". I like to say "Don't use IF statement" for today. Of course it's impossible to not use any IF statement. But I think we should avoid using it as much as we can. Because it implant human determination into codes. The more human determination in code, the more vulnerable, I think. Of course we must change the flow of process according to the conditions. But it should be achieved more naturally. Here is my how to avoid IF statement.

  3. It is only 50 points for just completing
    Although it's hard to see the quality of code from outside, I think maintenance performance is very important. Completing a system is a big thing. But it's not enough. Because it will be used for years like estates. It will be cruel if you find a strength poverty of the foundation later and spend plenty of cost and dreadful experience to reinforce it. So I think just completing system is 50 points and maintenance performance is the other 50 points. Here is my how to enhance maintenance performance.

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