About Me

I studied Mechanical Engineering.
Then I started to work as a Machine designer After graduation.
Sometime after that, I felt like I wanted to do something more scientific,
So I went to computer field.

Then I met C++ and STL.
I felt like it was a imported intelligence
from the UNIX world. I loved them very much.

I had been working with C++ with pleasure for a while.
But sometime later, I began to want to do more scientific again.
Pure software technique wasn't exciting enough.

So I started studying Computational Fluid Dynamics
,which I had been interested in for long time,
from the theory to build a actual solver by myself.

The solver I built is just a elementary level.
But I like it and I like to proceed this way more.

My major experiencis are here.

I like to study simulation techniques more.
And hopefully, in the future,
I want to be of service to protect the environment,
or prevent global warming.

e-mail is available here.

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