About Java

I have been using C++ for long time. But this time I tried Java to develop the fluid solver. My impression for Java is, it is more sophisticated than C++. I even confused since there is no way to have global variables. In the solver code, I have constant numbers like _x or _y, and passing them between objects and operate arrays with them directly as array operators. But it wasn't easy because I couldn't have any global variables. Now I have understood Java says that we shouldn't do such too primitive and dangerous way.

But there is one thing I really don't like with Java. That is, it doesn't have Operator Overloading. Writing numerical code without it is not neat. For example, I have to write "setValue( value )" instead of just "=". It might be just a syntax sugar, but I could do something like replacing "controlled effective digit variable" with currently double variable by just changing the declaration. I really like to have Operator Overloading.


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